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Melt Hearts, Not Monitors

Wow, crazy, looks like Telecult friend and sometime collaborator ISA Christ overheated the monitors while playing on Wm. Berger’s celebrated My Castle of Quiet. The best part is, you can’t tell by listening to it – it sounds fantastic.

Make sure you read Mr. Berger’s description of what happened here -

22:40 in the Electric Now; Isa Christ LIVE on My Castle of Quiet, 12.10.2010 – WFMU’s Beware of the Blog.

While on the subject of ISA Christ, check out this video of Telecult performing with him at Port d’Or a few months back. It gets cult like around 7 minutes in -

The Telecult Powers featuring ISA Christ cassette is coming soon, look for it on Idiot Underground. Pretty sure it is going to be titled “GOLDEN ABULIS.”


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The Crow Hill Gnostic Temple Takes A Turn Toward The Horrific

An experience in Hoodootronix with Witchbeam & Sister Jillian, a strange leap from the meditations of the past.


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Mysteries of the Film The Occult Experience

According to Michael Bertiaux’s Wikipedia page he was in a documentary called The Occult Experience, which also featured a heavy hitting cast of Michael Aquino, Alex Sanders, HR Giger, NPR’s Margot Adler, and some others. I watched it last night, and although thoroughly enjoyable, Bertiaux never seemed to show up. He is listed in the credits, but that is it. Maybe I binary options earnings missed something? Any help would be appreciated.

I should probably point out that there are some 80s bare witch boobies in this, so not safe for work:

So looking around fo the above one I came across the 1970 film of the same name, also highly entertaining:


I posted this question on to the forums on and recieved a prompt answer from Bertiaux associate David Beth:

Michael Bertiaux was indeed filmed for this feature. He told me how they shot some images of him doing a gnostic ritual at his altar etc. However, they seem to have edited him out for the final cut and his material was never sent. He is however featured in the book ‘the occult experience’ by Nevill Drury.


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New Telecult Sound & Vision – Man Made Moon Made Man

Man made moon made man, by Telecult Powers –

Mr. Matthews approached me a while back with the idea of soundtracking some crazy idea he was reading about – that the Moon was created by mankind in response to mankind being created by the Moon. If you listen close you can hear the ideas being expressed, right?

Clue to what it is removed!


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Brotherhood of International Mystical Cosmos Compilation

Hey, Telecult Powers are on a new compilation coming out of Peru, an exclusive track titled Man Made Moon Made Man. Awesome. Find details at or The title of the comp is WILD MUSIC FROM THE INFINITE COSMOS and that sounds about right.

Una compilación internacional

01 ALAN COURTIS – Alimentación astral del tálamo (Argentina) 3’23’’

02 TELECULT POWERS – Man Made Moon Made Man (USA) 4’00’’

03 AUTOPERRO – Chlls (Costa Rica) 4’27’’

04 DESTROYER – Crucitas (Costa Rica) 5’02’’

05 TOMÁS TELLO – Allinta Munay (Perú) 4’42’’

06 FEAST OF SPIRITS – The Lamplighters of Calcutta (Canadá) 3’03’’

07 LA MUGRE ROJA – Los ensangrentados (Uruguay) 5’03’’

08 ASTRO – Silver Berry (Japón) 5’00’’

09 RAUL JARDÍN – Inmersión (Perú) 2’45’’

10 FRANCISCO LÓPEZ – Untitled n° 197 (España) 5’28’’

11 ARID HUNTER – Festín***** (USA) 3’15’’

12 YELLOW SWANS – Untitled (USA) 5’18’’

13 MY CAT IS AN ALIEN – Alien Beings (Italia) 6’54’’

14 VLUBA – Saxon mostro (Argentina) 5’51’’

15 LIQUIDARLO CELULOIDE – Corriente eléctrica en la membrana de la célula presináptica (Perú) 4’22’’

Buh Records
Noviembre, 2010
Lima, Perú

Concepto y selección por Luis Alvarado
Arte de portada por Athena Kargeui


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Starling Magickal – New Orleans

I went to Starling Magickal the other day and was surprised to find this note taped to the door:


Poking around the web I found an interview with one of the owners, Claudia Williams, talking a bit about what happened -
I had a player embedded but it would start automatically, you can listen to it here.

I had a great talk with her husband Jan a couple of years ago when I came down to New Orleans to get married. We discussed a bunch of crazy shit – noise, Santa Muerte cults, escaping from NYC, and he gave me a warning about something and happened to be dead on. OO-ee-oo.


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Clare! Clare! Clare! – SSPS on MCoQ

People around the Brooklyn area need to go to the Clare! Clare! Clare! show at the Knitting Factory on December 1st. It’s a benefit for the amazingly talented Clare Amory.

***5 hours of live music + you donating to a GREAT cause = What you are going to be doing next Wednesday night!*** 

Door proceeds go directly to MEDICAL and FINANCIAL assistance for CLARE AMORY, friend, local musician (Excepter, LAKE), business owner (Flesh & Bone Pliates) and total bad-ass!!!

Performances by:


and the lovely DJ Dave Arlington

DOORS 7pm! Music at 7:30! 

***Attendees have re-entry throughout the night, so make it an evening!***

The Brooklyn Knitting Factory is at 361 Metropolitan Ave b/w Roebling and Havemeyer, close to the Bedford L and Lorimer L/Metropolitan G stops.

SSPS (Jon Nicholson) is playing, which is the perfect lead in to point out his set on Wm. Berger’s My Castle of Quiet…

Check out both of them and the rest of their Excepter krewe in the new video When You Call here.

Seriously, you need to go to this. I have a wretched reason I can’t, I’m  just a bit over 1300 mile away. Even with this distance we will be sending all the love and positive energy we can muster up north.


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Calling All Creeps: Grasshopper Record, Out Now on Prison Tatt

I don’t want to be the kind of asshole that just spits out press releases on his blog and calls it a day, but I feel it is important to point this out to Temple of Pei readers -

Prison Tatt Records joined the marketplace officially late last week, with its first release available for order; “Calling All Creeps,” a single-sided LP by Brooklyn duo Grasshopper. (Ltd. to 100 pcs.; $17 postpaid within the U.S.A.; $21 North America; $25 world. Contact by private message for wholesale/distro pricing.) paypal i.d.

And so, a long story made relatively short, Grasshopper seemed the natural choice to help bring Prison Tatt Records’ initial blast to the world. They brought the scary, the enveloping darkness, but they also had a healthy sense of humor about themselves and their art, and seemed to make no uncertainty that their aim (one of them, at least) was to create choice head-music, trance you out, take you away, and maybe even screw with your notions of aesthetics and general music-scene propriety a little bit in the process.


But wait, there’s more, sample this stuff: GRASSHOPPER: CALLING ALL CREEPS

So yeah, Grasshopper vinyl. I can’t even tell you how stoked I am for this. Every day I run out to check the mail to see if it is here yet. In my jammies. Check out the Prison Tatt site here.


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Hex Breaker Quintet – Knightcourt Update

Hex Breaker Quintet - Grasshopper - Telecult

Oh no, the Hex Breaker Quintet tape Knightcourt and the batch it rode in on are now sold out from Foxy Digitalis. Don’t cry, try mimaroglu, tomentosa, discriminate music, eclipse, & boa should have copies soon.

—digitalis ltd:123:hex breaker quintet—.

Oh, and the person that won the free copy doesn’t even have a tape player. Some dude named Jed recognized the cover being heavily influenced (swiped, stolen, robbed) from an edition of Rene Daumal’s Mount Analogue. I don’t usually steal like this, but when I do I like to state the source:


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The Dream Quest of Unknown South Park





The goth kids on South Park have a really beautiful copy of Simon’s Necronomicon. Curious about what Peter Levenda thinks.

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