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Hex Breaker Quintet – Knightcourt – Coming Soon! Contest, too!

I would have posted this a few days ago but we have finally just got our interweb up and running down here in New Orleans. So yeah, excited to see there is some promotion for the first Hex Breaker Quintet release, coming out on Foxy Digitalis.

getting this out there a little bit ahead of schedule, but we’ve got our last batch of 2010 tapes in production now and they’ll be ready for shipping in about two weeks. we originally intended to do small batches in october, november & december but decided – fuck it, we’ll just do one mondo batch instead. so get on the bus:

ltd#123: hex breaker quintet “knightcourt” c39

fives alive from members of telecult powers & grasshopper blowing smoke where smoke don’t blow.

sample #1

sample #2

via digitalis limited sends 2010 to the brink « DIAL SQUARE TAPES.

Click the above link to check out the samples and to read about the other cool releases from Xela, KPLR, Loud & Sad, Ata Ebtekar & Mazdak Khamda and a bunch of other amazing acts.

And Special Alert:

I’ll send out a copy of the Hex Breaker Quintet tape and a bonus Telecult tape to the first person to tell me in the name of the book I took inspiration from (ripped off, swipe filed, etc…) for the cover art. If I know you personally or whatever that shit disqualifies you. Sorry! Hit me up via tweet, email, comment, whatever.


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  1. Francis said

    If I had to guess… some kind of occult manual? Rosecrucian?

  2. Sven said

    Aha, no, hidden by nature, but not an occult manual nor Rosicrucian.

  3. Rick said

    Is it a geometry text book?

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