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Mysteries of the Film The Occult Experience

According to Michael Bertiaux’s Wikipedia page he was in a documentary called The Occult Experience, which also featured a heavy hitting cast of Michael Aquino, Alex Sanders, HR Giger, NPR’s Margot Adler, and some others. I watched it last night, and although thoroughly enjoyable, Bertiaux never seemed to show up. He is listed in the credits, but that is it. Maybe I missed something? Any help would be appreciated.

I should probably point out that there are some 80s bare witch boobies in this, so not safe for work:

So looking around fo the above one I came across the 1970 film of the same name, also highly entertaining:


I posted this question on to the forums on and recieved a prompt answer from Bertiaux associate David Beth:

Michael Bertiaux was indeed filmed for this feature. He told me how they shot some images of him doing a gnostic ritual at his altar etc. However, they seem to have edited him out for the final cut and his material was never sent. He is however featured in the book ‘the occult experience’ by Nevill Drury.


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