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New Telecult Tapes Available

Technicians of the Divine Vol. 3: Espiritismo-a-go-go
Temple of Pei 16
Dedicated to Allen Karnec & Bob Bellerue, Karnec for his groundbreaking work with Spiritualism, Bellerue for being a good friend to all of us.

Cornucopia – Exoplanets

A slow burner, this track by Puerto Rico’s Cornucopia evokes the alchemical axiom of as above, so below. If you have ever ran your fingers through the water of a bioluminscent bay you understand that you have also ran your fingers through distant galaxies.

Telecult Powers – Seance in the Kitchen
Recorded late night in the Kitchen by Bob Bellerue this track documents  Telecult Powers communicating via psychic energy and synthesizers with the UFOs flying above  the El Yunque rainforest of Puerto Rico. You can hear the exact moment when communication was achieved.


Telecult Powers – Return to the Psychic Dancehall
Snake Mysteries #1
Weird bootleg featuring exerpts from the ridiculously limited CDRs Live From the Psychic Dancehall & Space Age MathMagicians, both premiums for Lisa’s radio show The Mysterious Black Box on WCSB. An hour of returning to the source.

$7 a pop or $12 for both. Very limited amounts of the Return to the Psychic Dancehall available. Paypal to


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