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Siege of the Temple of Pei – October 23, 2010 CE/2070 AD

Sexual Ice Land - Nautical Almanac - Sam Goldberg

Sexual Ice Land is an ad-hoc experimental supergroup consisting of Telecult Powers, JFR and Lala of Excepter, Sister Jillian of the Crow Hill Gnostic Temple and occasionally members of Grasshopper. Formed in the ashes of the Virgin Volcano, Sexual Ice Land use the combined methods of analog synthesis and “rock star” ritual knockings to create alternatives to jet propulsion travel through “green grid” willed teleportation. You can’t really record or judge this type of activity, so presence is the only requisite for admission. – JFR

Nautical Almanac - I read some Grant Morrison comics in the mid nineties and he would talk about aliens being antibodies for your brain. I really had no idea of what he was talking about until the first time I saw Nautical Almanac play. You come out of it a bit confused, bit freaked out, but with a sense of knowing that whatever the hell that just happened was good for you.

Sam Goldberg - Pizza Night honcho, Radio Person, Sam is coming from Cleveland to perform an extremely rare guitar drone set in the style of his classic Current LP on Weird Forest.

Forma - Forma’s primary influence is at the intersection of electronic based Krautrock (think early Kraftwerk, Cluster, Popul Vuh) and the explosion of late 70′s early 80′s underground synthesizer music grouped broadly under the umbrella term “Minimal Synth.” They specialize in repetitive yet complex evolving structures of sound, producing a wholly improvised music driven by live drum machine programming, sychronized analog synths and spacious melodies.

Wm. Berger – You probably know Wm. from his radio show My Castle of Quiet on WFMU, or perhaps Terrier, his collaborations with Bob Bellerue, or Saint Death, his jams with Slasher Risk Andy. He is going to play some crazy music.

Todd Pendu
– Creator of Pendu, Inc., performs as Chaos Majik, he’s going to be reading Tarot cards to anyone interested in a glimpse at all possible futures.

- Don’t forget the Hex Breaker Quintet show Tuesday, Oct. 5th at Zebulon, Telecult with Bob Bellerue on Oct. 13th at Silent Barn, and Telecult alone at Broad Channel Bill’s Oct. 16th.


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