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Telecult Powers / Grasshopper / Crow Hill Gnostic Temple @ St. Cecilia

Telecult Powers - Grasshopper - Drone

Rebecca Gaffney asked us to come play SPUN 3: The Crest Jewel of… the show she curated at the St. Cecilia convent in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Looking back on our history of shows in the last three and a half years almost every single one I consider special in one way or another, but shows in abandoned convents are, well, more special than others.

There was no recording of the Crow Hill Gnostic Temple and our meditation but Jesse was kind enough to take a photo. The meditation was based on some of the time travel techniques popularized by Michael Bertiaux in the Voudon Gnostic Workbook. I know a guy that was stoked we didn’t include hanging with vampires in the meatpacking district.

And look, Grasshopper performed, it was gorgeous, the title was long but it wound up in the end having something to do with becoming a swamp walker (which I hope to be in a few months) -

If I had to pick my favorites in the art part it would probably be Bob Bellerue‘s installations, not because he is our dear friend but because they were beautiful, and Jon Williams‘ weird ass Boiler Room piece. I don’t have pics of either, and if I did they wouldn’t be near as cool anyways. Oh, and that pyramid in the first floor was sweet. Shit, everything was cool.

ps. Speaking of Telecult & Grasshopper, we are just finishing up the debut cassette from our super group the Hex Breaker Quintet, coming next month on  Digitalis. It’s called Knightcourt and it sounds beautiful.


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