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The Last Rites of the Modern Temple

Hex Breaker Quintet @ Champagne of Fests 4 Photo by KillerSharkWorm

End times are near, at least of this cycle. If your interested in what we do come and hang out -

September 17th - Hex Breaker Quintet /Husere Grav/Isa Christ /Gitche-Anahmi-Bezheu /Afterlife @ Port d’Or

September 25th – Crow Hill Gnostic Temple/Telecult Powers @ 21 Monitor, Brooklyn NY w/ Rebecca Gaffney, Jon Williams, Grasshopper, Chaos Majik, more…

October 5th -  Hex Breaker Quintet – Expo ’70 – Dead Line Connector – @ Zebulon

October 13th – Crow Hill Gnostic Temple Meditation session @ Launchpad,  721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, then big show at Silent Barn, Grasshopper, Opponents, we are doing a collab with Bob Bellerue, other way cool shit.

October 16th – Telecult Powers, Slasher Risk, Self Avoiding Walk, Reviver, Danny Moore, Grey Market. Virgin Island/Broad Channel Bill’s, 210 E 8 Rd, NY.

October 23rdHexxxual Iceland? Telecult/Seth/Grasshopper freakout monster blowout with Nautical Almanac, Pizza Night dude Sam Goldberg, Forma, Wm. Berger djing.

& that is it. Thank you for being part of the Temple of Pei/Telecult Powers experience, we have loved every minute of it. Half of us will be gone from the NYC area October 31st so if you want to book either of us after that hit for gigs north of the Mason-Dixon, for ones south of it.

Thank you, we love each and every one of you, goodnight.

Ps. If you love the trumpet part of Hex Breaker Quintet please don’t forget Grasshopper, the other half –


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