• 2007

    1. April 2
      Cleveland Mocha Dreams
      Craig & Skin Graft & Mootdak

    2. June 9
      PIFAS w/ Big Momma Roll, Emeralds, Birds of Delay, Angeldust

    3. July 6th
      Math Bill's Far Rockaway
      w/ Apeshit! and Crotch on Fire, Ashtray Dirt

    4. August 21
      as Yeti Scalp

    5. August 29
      Vox Pop Brooklyn
      w/ Thee Holy Experiment, Grass Canyon, Black Iron Prisun

    6. September 15

    7. October 20
      Beacon Series with Afternoon Naps

    8. December 16
      Long Island Alternative Music Association
      Sisters Free From Bondage, Hymns, James Kiwi, Chris Nicola

    9. December 26
      Now That's Class
      _i, Space Madness, Crutchfield Tongues,Catnap, Jesus Kills, Hi Scarab


    10. March 6 2008
      Bard College NY
      Samuel with jokes and songs, Sam Goldberg, 3 horn players from Bard.

    11. March 7
      Baghdad, Brooklyn NY
      Tandem Electronics, Slasher Risk, Sam Goldberg, Skaters.

    12. March 8
      Matt Ducktail's House, Northampton MASS
      Predator Vision, Idea Fire, Infinity Window, Sam Goldberg

    13. April 12
      The Place Greenpoint
      Slasher Risk!, Wet Fur, One I forget, THD

    14. May 2
      Death By Audio Brooklyn
      HotChaCha, Roue, Leaders

    15. June 10
      MathBill's Broad Channel
      W/ Bob Belerue, I Made This Mistake

    16. June 14th
      Silent Barn
      Collaboration with slasher risk! +++

    17. June 27th
      The Noise Axis Fest Lowell, Mass
      Ichorus, Sam GasCan, A Snake in the Garden, Barracks of Afghanistan, Waterdogs, Omei, Reviver, Cathode Terror Secretion

    18. August 2nd
      Death bY Audio
      Miami Beach, Redglaer, Budweiser Sprite, Argumentix

    19. August 22
      Bela Dubby-Cleveland
      w/Telecat Prowlers, Froggy Mountain Boys (Fluxmonkey & Dr quinn Medicine woman)

    20. August 23rd
      Now Thats Class
      w/ Crossface, Crime scene, Schnauzer

    21. September 5
      Silent Barn
      w/THE HYAKUTATAKI (Japan) - THE JULIE MITTENS (Netherlands) - JOHN WAYNE (mems Slasher Risk, Cops) - TELECULT POWERS Black Meditation 21

    22. September 6
      Death By Audio
      with/ Avarus, Towering Heroic Dudes, Cathode Terror Secretion, Ducktails, Slasher Risk, Infinity Window, so many more...

    23. September 8
      I Love New York - W/ Infinity Window, Hell’s Hills., Notendo http://www.acidmarshmallow.com

    24. September 26
      Mathbill's Broad Channel
      with/ SAW, Pharmakon, Hands Rendered Useless, Speak Onion

    25. September 30
      Cake Shop
      Towering Heroic Dudes, Jeff Donaldson

    26. October 14
      Reed's radio show, Outside

    27. October 22
      Rockstar Bar
      Blectum From Blechdom (RI) electronic actions from Kevin Blechdom and Blevin Blectum Barnwave (RI) duoing actions from Kevin Blechdom and Christopher Fleeger Future Blondes (TX) totally fucked and weirded actions Bad Party (MI) minimal noise duo and bad vibing actions Legs (NY) secretive sounds and forbidden actions Telecult Powers (NY) analog modulations and occult actions

    28. October 25th
      MathBill's Broad Channel
      predator vision, bee mask, tusco terror, hinges and more.

    29. October 31
      Vanishing Point Studios
      Grasshopper, Slasher Risk, Bob Bellerue

    30. November 13
      Vanishing Point Studios
      Opponants, Casper Electronics

    31. December 17
      Matchless Brooklyn
      This Is Pop? with Mushroom Cloud and Sweaty Bullets. We performed with Bob Bellerue.

    32. December 30th
      Damion Romero, Hive Mind, Mike Shiflet, Martial Cantarel, CM*Chaos Magick


    33. January 2
      Germ Books, Philadelphia
      with Bee Mask, Panther Modern, Web of Shadows

    34. January 14
      Cake Shop
      Abandon Ship Presents
      Collaboration with Predator Vision. Also: Twisty Cat, THD, Slasher Risk

    35. February 4th
      Silent Barn
      As Six Foot Beer Weed Bong Boogie Woogie College Drop Out Cosmic Blues Band [Collaboration with Slasher Risk Andy] with Mudboy, Grasshopper , Fluorescent Vibes

    36. February 12th
      Silent Barn
      Bob Bellerue and the Telecult Powers Band, Chris Forsyth’s Ideal Heads, Mincemeat or Tenspeed

    37. March 14
      with Emeralds, Carlos Giffoni, Uneven Universe, Sam Goldberg, other dudes

    38. March 15
      Todd Pendu's Black Mass at Tommy's Tavern
      collabo with Sam Goldberg, Paid in Puke, Family Treasures, CM, more. Snarky review by Vice HERE.

    39. April 7
      with Millions, Noveller, Fluorescenet Vibes

    40. April 14
      Death By Audio
      Doomstar, Kilt, Donkey Kong, Queening

    41. April 18
      Broad Channel Bill's - Sea Hag Fest,
      Telecult collaboration with CM, Ratatosk, Shattered Hyman, Reviver, Diaphragm, Anthony Saunders, Cojoba, xnkx

    42. April 23
      Secret Project Robot
      Collab w/ CM, Nymph

    43. May 1
      Death by Audio
      with Husere Grav, Liturgy, Sannhet, Grasshopper

    44. May 9
      Now That's Class, Cleveland - Champagne of Fests
      w/ Clan of the Cave Beer, Pimlo, Emeralds, Tusco Terror, E.E, others!

    45. May 12
      Cake Shop,
      with Chaw Mank, Panopticon Eyelids, Comforters, Dracula Lewis

    46. May 20
      at Death By Audio,
      with CM, Family Treasures, Barnes, TwistyCat, Anthony Saunders

    47. June 9
      Cake Shop,
      Pogo in Togo show

    48. June 1
      Goodbye Blue Monday
      with Millions, Towering Heroic Dudes

    49. June 16
      Sickest Show at Market Hotel,
      with Predator Vision, Rot Ton Bone

    50. June 18
      Death By Audio,
      collab with Grasshopper , Clan of the Cavebear, Upsilon Acrux

    51. July 8
      w/ Gaybomb, Peter J. Woods, Instinct Control

    52. July 10
      Knitting Factory - New York Eye & Ear Fest II
      w/Skin Drink, Slasher Risk, Fluorescent Vibes

    53. July 18
      Broad Channel Bill's
      w/ Neckhold, Pharmakon, Gray Market, Explosive Improvised Device, Robotdharma, 32 Year Old Virgin. Collab w/ Red Glaar & vocals by David.

    54. July 22
      My Castle of Quite on WFMU.
      Click here for MP3s of show.

    55. August 5
      Shea Stadium
      Telecult Powers & John Fell Ryan perform as Virgin Volcanoes. With Zone Dogs, Glen & The Boys & Grasshopper .

    56. August 16
      Voice of the Valley Noise Rally, Pentrass, West Virginia.
      With Max Eisenberg, Bee Mask, Nautical Almanac, Flux Monkey, Thursday Club, + many more.

    57. August 22
      La Paloma Sabanera Coffeehouse, Hartford, CT
      with Parakeets, Family Treasures, Slasher Risk, Free Guns, Rust Worship

    58. August 27
      Garden of Mendes
      Backyard Meditation session led by Sister Jillian

    59. August 28
      Market Hotel
      Collaboration with CM, also Head Molt, Bermuda Triangles. Radio Shock

    60. August 30
      East Village Radio
      Abandon Ship Records showcase.

    61. September 5
      ABC No Rio
      w/ Slasher Risk, Foreign Bodies

    62. September 9
      The Maze @ Death By Audio
      w/ Bassoon, Alterazioni Video Collective, Syn Toffs, Dub Know Dub

    63. September 12
      Jill & Steven's Wedding Reception, Boyart's Farm, Medina
      w/ Emeralds

    64. September 18
      Goodbye Blue Monday
      w/ Phroq (from Switzerland), CM, Redglaer

    65. September 24
      13 Thames
      with Wasteland Jazz Unit, Grasshopper, Tiger Hatchery, Driphouse

    66. October 31
      13 Thames
      as Virginal Volcanoes, with Carlos Giffoni, Spectre Folk, Slasher Risk, Family Treasures, Sharks with Wings, Eskimo King

    67. November 21
      13 Thames
      with Prisoners, Lame Drivers, Sloppy Headz

    68. November 28
      Department of Human Works
      Collab with Grasshopper as Hex Breaker Quintet, with Sunglasses, Camissa and some guy, Henry Hines, Fluorescent Vibes v

    69. December 4
      Collab with Grasshopper as Hex Breaker Quintet, with Slasher Risk, NY Eye & Ear event.

    70. December 26
      Now That's Class
      with Dead Peasant's Insurance, Lillypad, Field of Hats, Quell & Murderous Vision collab, Kirshner/Makita duo, Henry James, & Pimlo.

    71. December 27
      The Cool Ranch/Thee Kool Ranceros
      w/ Revelation Blitz (Pimlo & Lillypad), Crank Satori

    72. December 30
      Austin Osman Spare's 123rd birthday party. Put on by Pendu, of course... w/ Skin Drink, Chaos Magik with Opponants Joshua and Jesse, Ala Muerte, Matthew Morandi. York Factory Complaint were scheduled, but got the flu.


    73. January 15
      The Rotunda, Philadelphia
      with Outer Space, Bee Mask/God Willing duo

    74. January 19
      Goodbye Blue Monday
      As Hex Breaker Quintet, with Redglaer, Andy Borz, Rust Worship & Neil Vendrick.

    75. January 23
      Port d'Or
      with Wicked Rot (ISA Christ - Cruudeuces), Spicoli, Kyle Dunn, Kyle Clyde.

    76. January 23rd
      Zebulon, Brooklyn
      with Excepter

    77. February 20th
      Shea Stadium, Brooklyn
      Hex Breaker Quintet, GDFX

    78. March 5th
      Nyack Village Theatre, Nyack, NY
      With The Alienist, Redglaer & Anthony Saunders as EID.

    79. March 8th
      The Red Light District, Far Rockaway, NY
      As The Paris Art Theatre with Skin Graft, Halflings, more...

    80. March 10th
      WFMU, New Jersey
      With Lala as the Queen Witch Hecate.

    81. March 20th
      as Hex Breaker Quintet with Malkuth, Excepter

    82. April 1st @
      Death By Audio
      with Sam Goldberg, Mark McGuire

    83. April 2nd
      Wesleyan College
      Metacomet, Sam Goldberg, Mark McGuire

    84. April 3rd @
      Hampshire College
      Sam Goldberg, Mark McGuire

    85. April 4th
      Bard College
      Sam Goldberg, Mark McGuire

    86. April 17th
      Party Expo
      retroactivley named Sexual Iceland (Telecult/Seth collab + wives)

    87. April 20th
      Death By Audio
      w/ Fuck Ton, Dub Know Dub, other cool acts. Sweet 420 holiday show.

    88. April 24th
      Tarantula Hill
      w/ Ann Everton, Zomes, Bee Mask

    89. April 28th
      Hex Breaker Quintet on WFMU

    90. April 30th
      The Schoolhouse
      w/ Divine Slime, AR Plovnick, Forma

    91. May 16
      Telecult collab with Ben (Tiger Hatchery) and his friend, ex Druids of Huge

    92. May 22
      Hex Breaker Quintet at the NY Eye & Ear Fest, Knitting Factory.

    93. May 28
      @ Zebulon, presented by Avant Ghetto
      with Lala on vox, Mi or & The Pedestals, Divine Slime

    94. June 2
      Port d'Or - with Zomes, Pine Smoke Lodge, Driphouse