Temple of Pei
c/o Steven
661 Sterling Place 1R
Brooklyn, NY


Telecult Powers - Dedicated To Robert Moore.
Temple of Pei 001

Telecat Prowlers - Power Nap
Temple of Pei 002
With the amazing Mark McGuire on guitar.

Telecult Powers - Twilight of the Oscillators
Temple of Pei 003

Witchbeam 5 Year Anniversary Compilation
Temple of Pei 004
Details HERE.

Telecult Powers - Live From the Psychic Dancehall
Temple of Pei 005
5 copies known to man. Given away as a premium for the WCSB radiothon, 2008


Future Temple of Pei releases include recordings by Fluxmonkey, Reviver, Bob Bellerue, Witchbeam solo, Mr. Matthews solo, Willoughby Kipling & Bee Mask.

December 17th
Telecult Powers at Matchless
9pm, Matchless Bar, 557 Manhattan Ave at Driggs, Brooklyn. Mushroom Cloud and Sweaty Bullets. We will be performing with Bob Bellerue.

December 26th
Witchbeam will be performing with Yeti Scalp in Cleveland at Now That's Class. Other acts performing are Fluxmonkey & Nate Schieble, Clan of the Cave Bear, Dr. Quinn Medicind Woman, Fragments, and others.

December 30th
Telecult Powers will be performing with Damion Romero, Hive Mind, Mike Shiflet, Martial Cantarel, CM at Vanishing Point Studios. We will be joined by Bob Bellerue.

January 2nd
Telecult Powers in Philadelphia, Germ Books.

Telecult Powers - The Amazing Laws of Telecult Powers
Abandon Ship Records

Order Here

Telecult Powers - Kiss The Vipers Fang
Obsolete Units
Order Here

Telecult Powers & Bob Bellerue
Baked In The Kitchen
Order Here

Todd at and Matt at Acid Marshmallow shows us mad love often. Check out some live sets they have recorded.

Acid Marshmallow

Halloween HERE
Live at Cake Shop September 30 HERE


October 22 @ Rockstar Bar HERE
November 13 @ Vanishing Point HERE


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