The Temple of Pei

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Excepter - Equinox C40 - TOP 12 - ER 21

1. In my head I have written a description of Excepter using all sorts of flowery prose, saying that they are dark bishops in a contemporary age of enlightenment and carry a torch passed from Roman mystery religions to the Gnostics to their hermetic brethren to the Ifá cults. Instead of a rant like that I think it would be more appropriate to say that Matthew and I are proud to release their latest tape entitled Equinox. 40 minutes of mindzap electronique, many more moments of beauty than grotesque, fluid, meaningful. No jokes, no pranks. No trappings of any genre. - Witchbeam, in a fever dream hovering over Crow Hill, March 23rd 2010.

Side A: "EQUINOX" recorded at Glasslands Gallery NYC
Side B: "PROJECT ROOM" recorded at Issue Project Room NYC
All music by Excepter: Ryan, Corbin, Amory, Hougland, Nicholson, Ryan


2. Technicians of the Divine Vol. 2 C30 TOP 13

Virginal Volcanoes - Whiskey on the Rock
On Tuesday, August 24th, 2009 an obscure fraternity was born between Telecult Powers & John Fell Ryan of Excepter. Transplutonian communication was attempted via liquid instead of the vacuum of space. JFR took the role as the houngan, Mr. Matthews as the host. Witchbeam most likely lost his mind. This recording is the result.

Clouds Without Water - Lord of Unbalanced Force
Clouds WIthout Water is Brian Butler, a musician, writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. He also performs in a duo with the legendary Kenneth Anger called Technicolor Skull. He recently premiered the occult film "Night of Pan" which features Vincent Gallo. For more info - http://www.brianbutler.org

I first came across his work when I read the excellent Marjory Cameron article in the Disinfo Book of Lies. - WItchbeam


3. Fluxmonkey - The Man in the Yellow Hat Serves Imperialism C40 TOP 14
Some know him as Fluxmonkey, Flar calls him Luigi Bob & his email says Bbob Drake, all point to Cleveland's synth building wizard king. I have a great memory of looking across the camping field during the Voice of the Valley last summer and seeing all the great Cleveland freaks of past/present/future sitting in his dojo - Bee Mask - Emeralds - Sam Goldberg - Fragments - Thursday Club - Mr. Matthews - J. Guy - all were at the feet of the master and enjoying his coffee.

This is his first solo release, he had been biding his time, making something beautiful. We couldn't be happier to release it in our temple.

Check him out online - fluxmonkey.com - Check out that wall.


SOLD OUT! 4. Lil John to Chew Root TOP 15
Just Judgment - Increase Wealth - Break Hexes (Keep in pocket to curse go back) - Sold as a Curio Only
Just as important to the Temple of Pei's music is its theories and practice of Hooodootronix, our special blend of noise, hoodoo rootwork, mysteries, candle magic, & espiritismo. We are thrilled to unveil our first root, the Lil John to Chew. It has been alleged to be a swayer of jurys and a bringer of good luck; you can't go wrong with one in your pocket. Telecult Powers swear by this lucky little root to help open cosmic gateways and you should too. Each package is anointed with Little John's older brother, High John the Conqueroo oil.


1 Tape 8 US/ 10 Rest of the World
2 Tapes 15 US/19 Rest of the World
3 Tapes 22 US/27 Rest of the World

Root - $4 US Not available Europe

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Telecult Powers - Dedicated To Robert Moore - CDR
Temple of Pei 001
Sold out.

Telecat Prowlers - Power Nap - CDR
Temple of Pei 002
With the amazing Mark McGuire of Emeralds on guitar.
Sold out.

Telecat Prowlers - Power Nap
Temple of Pei 002.2
Now reissued on cassette!

$8, paypal to telecult.powers@gmail.com

Telecult Powers - Twilight of the Oscillators
Temple of Pei 003
Sold out.

Witchbeam 5 Year Anniversary Compilation
Temple of Pei 004
Details & Download HERE.
Sold out.

Telecult Powers - Live From the Psychic Dancehall
Temple of Pei 005
5 copies known to man. Given away as a premium for the WCSB radiothon, 2008
Sold out.

Telecult Powers - Twilight of the Oscillators/Dedicated to Robert Moore Super Saver Combo Tape
T.O.P. 001.2/003.2 C60
The robots revolt and the reptile goddess worship comes to a head when she finally demands the ultimate sacrifice, extended black meditations on what it means to really be blessed by her scales and kissed by her vactrols. The first two classic Telecult CDRs reborn and packaged together. Think Pink Floyd’s A Nice Pair.
Out of stock!

Reviver - Total Load Shed
Temple of Pei 006
We are extremelly proud that Reviver is our first non Telecult related release on Temple of Pei. We met Chris at the Noise Axis fest in Lowell last summer and immediately thought he was fucking great. The guy is probably the hardest partying guy in noise, and the way he parties just oozes class. I close my eyes and listen to this tape and see oceans of electricity drowning anyone stupid enough to fuck it. What if Nicola Tesla smoked DMT and it opened up his third eye? This tape sounds like the visual conversation he would have with the machine elves. - Witchbeam.
$8, paypal to telecult.powers@gmail.com

Bee Mask - Folie à Plusieurs
Temple of Pei 007

$8, paypal to telecult.powers@gmail.com

Dark Barbarians I
Temple of Pei 008
Poster and tape compilations, featuring Grasshopper, Skin Graft, Fluxmonkey, Outer Space, JFR as SETH, Fragments, and a bunch of other great acts. You may want to contact me to reserve yours, ridiculously limited. I drops soon, II soonish.

Sold Out

Family Treasures - Untitled as of right now
Temple of Pei 009
$8, paypal to telecult.powers@gmail.com

Double Action Reversible - Live Telecult
Temple of Pei 010
Start of the live series documenting Telecult Powers shows. We never seem to ever go past 15 minutes, so they will be C30s.

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Space Age Mathmagacians - Telecult Powers
Temple of Pei 011
5 copies, premium for WCSB radio marathon. Hand made covers by Witchbeam.

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