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Transmissions from Brian Butler: Union of Opposites Ritual Occult Performance

Brian Butler Occult Riutal: Union of Opposites

Received an email from Brian Butler last night about his upcoming ritual performance at Art Los Angeles Contemporary Fair January 21 at Barker Hanger. Always interested in his work (I wrote about his and Kenneth Anger’s Technicolor Skull LP at WFMU recently), this sounds like a pretty sweet time. Not much more I can say abou it, so I’ll just regurgitate the press release:

January 13, 2012 – Los Angeles-based artist Brian Butler will debut Union of Opposites, his most ambitious work to date, at Art Los Angeles Contemporary, Saturday, January 21, 2012 at 5pm in conjunction with Annie Wharton Los Angeles, in the Ruskin Theatre (across from The Barker Hanger) at the Santa Monica Airport, 3000 Airport Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405.
Regarding the timing of the performance Butler notes, “I am pleased to be debuting Union of Opposites at LA’s top art fair and especially pleased that is coincides with the Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival.” Spiritual and aesthetic experimentation have played an integral role in shaping the history of Los Angeles. From the occult rituals of Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley to the examination of such traditions by Mike Kelley and Wallace Berman, the interconnectedness of LA’s spiritual past and its artistic dissection have been alive for generations – in the works of Kenneth Anger and in the founding of many local religious cults. Butler’s interests and practices with the occult tap into the strange and dangerous stories that dig into the roots of LA and its art making.
Union of Opposites is an experiment in ritual magick, combining the use of sound and light with the intent of creating a collective out-of-body experience. A film screening will transform into a live performance in which the artist and his team execute an occult rite inspired by Aleister Crowley’s mysterious Ritual of the Mark of the Beast. In this incantation, Butler explores ideas of reversal and the use of geometric figures as channels of occult power. The work will feature a spontaneously improvised soundtrack that experiments with the effects of sound frequencies and rhythmic chanting on our chakras and mental state.
Butler’s interest in expanded cinema will fold the performance space into the work. He views the film, performance and musical accompaniment as a singular entity, where the performers will “expand from two dimensional screen to three dimensional existence” as themes of astral projection and projective geometry interplay with the auditory and visual stimuli.
Butler—who has communed and consulted with occultists and magicians from Europe to South America—explains that “magick is an art unto itself. In a sense, is the art of living in a creative and free way.” Influenced by the work of British arch-occultist Aleister Crowley, Butler believes that magick is conducive to and “complements” all manner of creativity, helping practitioners access different parts of the mind as well as spiritual realms. Butler explains: “The occult is defined as the hidden levels of the mind or the hidden information about how things work…A really intense performance is like hypnosis. You go to a certain state of mind and your presence brings those around you to the same place.”
Brian Butler is an artist, filmmaker and musician living in Los Angeles. He has been included in: “Projections” curated By Aaron Rose at Roberts & Tilton, Los Angeles; “Bright Morning Star” curated by Natxo Checa at Galeria Zé dos Bois, Lisbon, Portugal; and the 2nd Athens Biennale. His films have screened at the Tate Modern and the Cannes Film Festival. He recently had his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles at LA><ART, a solo gallery show at Annie Wharton Los Angeles and a performance in collaboration with Kenneth Anger at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).
As a musician, he has recorded and/or performed music with artists such as VON LMO, Rozz Williams (Christian Death), and Moving Units. He is currently a collaborator with Kenneth Anger in both Technicolor Skull as well as numerous film and exhibition projects. Butler’s recent writing has centered extensively on the occult, publishing in Disinformation’s Book of Lies as well as working on numerous documentaries and experimental films exploring the subject.         



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Transmissions from Planet Kyle

The greatest thing that this communication dependent information fueled world we live in it allows late night emails from my dear friend Kyle Clyde containing trailers from the greatest of all horror movies. She tends to pander to my tastes: sexy witches, dark swamp encounters, black magick, and of course, voodoo exploitation.

Dig her Q & A with intrepid noise journalist Raymond Cummings for the Village Voice.

… and I feel this is the greatest movie she has sent over:


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Pompa Gira: The Queen in Red

I’m always interested in the work of the members of La Societe Voudon Gnostic, a group of sorcerers with an artistic slant exploring the Voudon Gnostic traditions first truly revealed to the modern world by Michael Bertiaux. Society member Hagen von Tulien’s work within the Voudon Gnostic system is through illustration*, often papercuts whose reproductions adorn most of the publications of the society. The lines are deliberate, beautiful and perfectly engineered to capture the elegance and power of his subject matter.

Pompa Gira by Hagen von Tulien

Pompa Gira: The Queen in Red

His latest features Pompa Gira, one of the orixas worked with by practitioners of Umbanda and Quimbanda in Brazil. Female beauty, sexuality, and desires are her domain, all of which is represented in Hagen von Tulien’s piece.

For more information on how to purchase please contact him direct at his Facebook page:

* I’m sure there is lots of other work he does within the system that goes beyond illustration, just not being a member or privy to their secrets I would prefer not to venture a guess what those works would be.


Side note on the Voudon Gnosis tip: Looks like Telecult may be performing in the Columbus, Ohio area December 27th with Lightning Path, also  members of the La Societe Voudon Gnostic. I recently purchased their latest Bandcamp release and would highly recommend it to others:

I would like to stress the may be performing part, still ironing out details. Will post a confirmation as soon as we figure it out.



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Hex Breaker Express 2: Ye Olde Energy Drink Revival

I received a transmission from our man in Grasshopper about some upcoming Hex Breaker Quartet dates, thought I should share:

Dearest friends!

We are instilled with power. A power from deep within the Earth and at the edge of the cosmos.

You are cordially invited to experience this power and take it into your life where you can use it for good or evil.

Power shall be transferred via aural psychic energy displacement and transmogrification in Brooklyn on the following dates: 11/5 and 11/15.

Here are the details:

A free exhibition of music, art and dance from the creators of 30 Rock, So You Think You Can Dance, The Legend of Zelda and The Rocky Point Diner (open 24 hours in scenic Rocky Point, NY)

The Controversy
(Three dudes with circuit-bent chainsaws making ice sculptures out of fire)

La Part Maudite
(An exploration of sound and sight lead by a shaman from the Andes after eating 500 Andes mints)

Kill Me Lover
(Visual artist Saddam Insane’s musical exploration of After Dark’s “Flying Toasters” screensaver)
Hex Breaker Quartet

(Y’all know the deal… Chemical explorations of the known skull lead by heroic trumpets and churning synthesizers)

Dora Bleu
(The only Christian ophicleide noise virtuoso. Winner of Mark Zuckerberg’s prestigious Booky for “Best Facebook Page: Experimental Musician or Viennese School Artist”)

Andrew Hurst
(There’s so much to say about Andrew’s dulcet tones that I won’t even say another thing. He recently announced his intention to drink so much Kool Aid that he pukes on stage. NOT TO BE MISSED!)

And Others
(And Others has never before entered America. This troupe of Slovakian improv artists in world-renowned for their confrontational stage antics, which frequently involve drinking so much Kool Aid that they puke on Andrew Hurst)

(DJ TBA is best known for his charity work for “Tuberculosis Sucks Ass”. However, he’s a fairly competent Dubstep DJ known for his Korn remixes utilizing Garageband’s “British Amp” plug-in)

80 Vernon Ave Between Marcy and Thompkins
G to Myrtle-Willoughby. 1 block from the train.

An inexpensive exhibition of music, art and dance from the creators of XXX starring Vin Diesel, All Magic Tricks Ever and Pulled Pork

Hex Breaker Quartet
(See Above)

Twisty Cat
(Woodwinds from Hell playing music that God takes “baths” too)

Liquid State Bypass
(Chi-town ganstas spitting rhymes about working in fast food establishments)

Paul Giallorenzo/Brian Labycz Duo
(My brain hurts too much to write something insane and much like the other bands I have no idea what this band sounds like)

Death By Audio
49 South 2nd Street between Wythe and Kent
L to Bedford Ave
8 PM – Some amount of money less than $7

Just in case that wasn’t enough news, Hex Breaker Quartet has a new tape out on NNA that’s still available in limited quantities. To get the tape that the New York Times described as “Chemical explorations of the known skull lead by heroic trumpets and churning synthesizers” visit


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Hex Breaker Express

New Hex Breaker tape out, Riders:

NNA036: Hex Breaker Quintet “Riders” c40

Deeply spaced orchestral arrangements from the HBQ Riders Crew, consisting of Grasshopper’s Jesse DeRosa and Josh Millrod, plus Telecult Powers’ Mister Matthews and Witchbeam. The boys travel the lonely road with pastoral, longing brass lines coasting alongside gritty modular synthesizer, creating deep currents of brotherhood electronics

via NNA Tapes.

To promote this cassette this video was created, and the always delightful Mary Katherine Youngblood wrote about it for Dummy Mag:

…and there is more: one of our best friends in the whole world Jeff Conklin posted a complete song off of Riders to East Village Radio. Along with the track he said some very kind words, check it all out here. Thank you Jeff, you are a prince. Everyone in the world needs to follow him on twitter and listen to his radio show Just Music with Mr. Casey Block.


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Telecult Updates, Hex/Sex Television Cultura

No Boss of Us Fatso

Few bands have left a bigger crater in their wake in 2011 than the duo of Telecult Powers. Witchbeam and Mister Mathews have been brewing up some of the best electronic stew for a while now but never has it been more condensed and ready to bathe in than on their first vinyl sacrifice, Zion Traveler. Easily one of the year’s best albums, Zion Traveler takes synthetic time traveling to a whole different place.

via Hexed by Telecult Powers | | Foxy Digitalis.

Pulled the veil a bit for Foxy Digitalis, thanks Brad for saying what’s up, thanks for taking the time.

You looking for a copy of Zion Traveler? Check these Babylon motels, probably can help you. If they aren’t listed in the catalog send an email. Perhaps they want to make sure you really, really, really want it:

Bent Crayon



Mimaroglu Music Sales

Been rereading the Robert Anton Wilson cannon a bit, thank god for the Cosmic Trigger. Woke up a few days ago remembering that I have been a Discordian all along. Was excited to find out that Discordianism was birthed here in New Orleans, very close to where I live. Hail Eris!


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Michael Bertiaux Interviewed About Count Dante

After some prodding on Twitter documentary filmmaker Floyd Webb revealed some of his interview with Michael Bertiaux on vimeo.

I recently did a small piece about the film Searching for Count Dante over at the WFMU blog, check it out here.



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Fantastic Crowley Collection







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JG Ballard Gallery

Just came across this amazing JG Ballard collection:


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William Burroughs Gallery

Ran into this great collection of Burroughs books, both father and son

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