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Telecult Powers

Welcome to the online home of Telecult Powers, the technicians and custodians of the divine Temple of Pei. The Temple of Pei resides in an astral plane but can be entered during the live performances (aka “Black Meditations”) of Telecult Powers.

Recent interview with Witchbeam here.



We (Hex Breaker Quintet) played on Wm. Berger’s show on WFMU recently, My Castle of Quiet, check it out on the Free Music Archive. Oh yeah, while there check out our jams with Lala Ryan a/k/a/ Hecate- available HERE. Studio versions of these jams are being recorded right now, expect them in the next couple of months.

Upcoming Dates:

September 17th - Hex Breaker Quintet /Husere Grav/Isa Christ /Gitche-Anahmi-Bezheu /Afterlife @ Port d’Or

September 25th – Crow Hill Gnostic Temple/Telecult Powers @ 21 Monitor, Brooklyn NY w/ Bunch of other cool stuff.

September 29th – Crow Hill Gnostic Temple Meditation session@ Launchpad,  721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

October 5th -  Hex Breaker Quintet – Expo ’70 – Dead Line Connector – @ Zebulon

October 13th – Crow Hill Gnostic Temple Meditation session @ Launchpad,  721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

October 23rdTelecult/Sexxxual Iceland/HBQ blowout with Sam Goldberg, Forma, + secret act that soon will be revealed.

& That is it. Thank you for being part of the Temple of Pei/Telecult Powers experience, we have loved every minute of it. Half of us will be gone from the NYC area so if you want to book either of us after October 23rd hit for gigs north of the Mason-Dixon, for ones south of it. 

Thank you, we love each and every one of you, goodnight.

Ps. If you love the trumpet part of Hex Breaker Quintet please don’t forget Grasshopper, the other half –

July 9 – Hex Breaker Quintet @ Silent Barn for Healthcare Noise Festival
July 10 – Secret Show, Secret Location
July 12 – Hex Breaker & Sam Goldberg Collab  @Matchless
July 17 – Telecult @ Bent Crayon (Gig 100, bring cake!),  Hex Breaker @ Champagne of Fests
July 22 – Secret Show, Secret Location
July 28 – La Telecult Powers @ Coco66 w/ La Big Vic, La Otracina
August 13 – Sexxxual Iceland (Seth & Telecult + Jill & Lala) @ Party Expo w/ Outer Space (Emeralds side slab), Drainolith, Slasher Risk
August 21 – Telecult/Cornucopia @ Neon Marshmallow afternoon, Telecult Powers evening set
August 22 – Hex Breaker Quintet @ Neon Marshmallow
August 29 – Telecult @ Glasslands w/ Peopling, Slasher Risk
More detail about the upcoming fests we are playing -

August 21st & 22nd- Neon Marshmallow Fest, Chicago August 20, 21, 22 2010 at the Viaduct Theater, 3111 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL. We will be doing a collab with Cornucopia Saturday afternoon, a Telecult Powers set Saturday night and on Sunday a set as Hexbreaker Quintet. Also appearing are Astral Social Club, Emeralds,Grasshopper, and like 90 more amazing acts ++++ more info HERE



Smooth Assailing reviews Kiss the Viper’s Fang HERE.

Rotton Meats reviews the “Amazing Laws Of…” HERE.

Foxy Digitalis reviews the “Amazing Laws Of…” HERE & “Baked in the Kitchen w/ Bob Bellerue” HERE.

Tabs Out reviews Telecat Prowler’s “Powernap” (Our collab with Emeralds’ Mark McGuire.) HERE.

Village Voice article about Abandon Ship Records and the surrounding scene with a lot of Telecult info. HERE.

Gift Tapes interviews Telecult member Witchbeam HERE.

Someone in Houston really likes us. Feel free to disagree with him HERE.


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