Welcome to the online home of Telecult Powers, the technicians and custodians of the divine Temple of Pei. The Temple of Pei resides in an astral plane but can be entered during the live performances (aka "Black Meditations") of Telecult Powers.


Read about us in the latest issue of Signal To Noise.

You can probably find our most recent cassette on Deception Island entitled Orgone Freakout at some distro somewhere. We have copies but not for mail order. Hit us up at shows or whatever.

We (Hex Breaker Quintet) played on Wm. Berger's show on WFMU recently, My Castle of Quiet, check it out on the Free Music Archive. Oh yeah, while there check out our jams with Lala Ryan a/k/a/ Hecate- available HERE. Studio versions of these jams are being recorded right now, expect them in the next couple of months.

Be on the lookout for information on our Cosmic Meditations in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The season starts again May 27th and happen every other Thursday until October, email us for details but only if you are down with the spirits.

Upcoming Dates:

June 19th - Silent Barn, with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Rust Worship, Family Treasures

July 17th - Cleveland - Now That's Class - Champagne of Fests IV. With sick acts such as Slasher Risk, Emeralds, Nautical Almanac, as Hex Breaker Quintet. More TBA.

August 14th - Voice of the Valley Festival, as Telecult Powers in rural West Virginia, will be amazing.

August 21st & 22nd- Neon Marshmallow Fest, Chicago August 20, 21, 22 2010 at the Viaduct Theater, 3111 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL. We will be doing a collab with Cornucopia Saturday afternoon, a Telecult Powers set Saturday night and on Sunday a set as Hexbreaker Quintet. Also appearing are Astral Social Club, Emeralds,Grasshopper, and like 90 more amazing acts ++++ more info HERE


Dedicated To Robert Moore - CDR Temple of Pei 001

Telecat Prowlers - Power Nap - CDR Temple of Pei 002 With the amazing Mark McGuire of Emeralds on guitar.

Baked In The Kitchen w/ Bob Bellerue. Baked Tapes 013.

Twilight of the Oscillators - CDR Temple of Pei 003

Live From the Psychic Dancehall - Temple of Pei 005

Twilight of the Oscillators/Dedicated to Robert Moore Super Saver Combo Tape Temple of Pei 001.2/003.2 C60

Double Action Reversible - Live Telecult - Temple of Pei 010

Amazing Laws of Telecult Powers - Abandon Ship Records 050

Kiss the Viper's Fang - Obsolete Units OU-014

Technicians of the Divine - No Label - Split with Colorguard.

Space Age Mathmagicians - Temple of Pei 011

Orgone Freakout: a Happening with the Telecult Powers - Deception Island 29


Joy of Hex - Horror Electronics Compilation on Esto Perpetu. With Seppuku, Enbilulugugal, Sewer Goddess, Tri State Crematory, Mystified, Web of Shadows.

The Empire Never Ended - Tusco Embassy Christmas Tape 2008. With Phlegathon, Space Blow, Ilza, Outer Space, Family Battle Snake, Tusco Terror, Sisprum Vish, Skin Graft, David Russell, Cave Thing, Sam Goldberg, DirtyLords, Andrew Kirschner, Rot Ton Bone, E.E, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman and more.

Deaf in the Valley - 905 Tapes - An assemblage of killer sight and sounds from fifteen amazing artists who dabble in both crafts. the release consists of two pro-dubbed 30 minute cassettes and a full-color offset printed zine, all packaged in a brown kraft box with clear plastic lid, limited to 200 numbered copies. each artists involved contributed one page of artwork and one track from either a solo project or a group they are in.

Do you really believe all this nonsense?

Smooth Assailing reviews Kiss the Viper's Fang HERE.

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Foxy Digitalis reviews the "Amazing Laws Of..." HERE & "Baked in the Kitchen w/ Bob Bellerue" HERE.

Tabs Out reviews Telecat Prowler's "Powernap" (Our collab with Emeralds' Mark McGuire.) HERE.

Village Voice article about Abandon Ship Records and the surrounding scene with a lot of Telecult info. HERE.

Gift Tapes interviews Telecult member Witchbeam HERE.

Someone in Houston really likes us. Feel free to disagree with him HERE.


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