Some Temple of Pei and related stuff. One item is $6 ppd, 2 is $11, then 3 is $15. It stays at $5 from there on out. Only tapes and cdrs are for same, no candles!

A. Telecat Prowlers - Powernap

T.O.P. 002.2 C30
Mark McGuire (Catnap, Emeralds) joins Telecult Powers for two very freaky black meditations. Reissue of last year's classic CDR.

Sample Traxxxx:
You have to climb Mount Everest to reach the Valley of the Telecats, it's a brutal climb to reach that peak. you stand there waiting for the rush of exhilaration but it never come. You are alone, and the feeling of loneliness is overpowering.
In Search Of... The Road Chief
Like Excaliber, taken by the lady of the lake until King Arthur and England's greatest time of need, the Road Chief was swallowed by the earth in a thousand little pieces until the smoke cloud of basement freak outs becomes so dense and the shattered shards are fused once more...

A. Telecult Powers - Kiss The Viper's Fang
Obsolete Units C30
"The occult-drenched fog of this transcendental duo hangs high on Fang. In the midst of generating a lauded trajectory of constant performance and resoundingly impenetrable mythology, the homemade boilings of analog-generated dread forage forward in the midst of perplexing discomfort and lo-fi tape ambiance. Some of the richest minimal synth work you're likely to hear; a must for Cluster and Demons fanatics. Bleak, bizarre, and entrancing." - Paul from Obsolute Units

B. Telecult Powers - Twilight of the Oscillators/Dedicated to Robert Moore Super Saver Combo Tape
T.O.P. 001.2/003.2 C60
The robots revolt and the reptile goddess worship comes to a head when she finally demands the ultimate sacrifice, extended black meditations on what it means to really be blessed by her scales and kissed by her vactrols. The first two classic Telecult CDRs reborn and packaged together. Think Pink Floyd's A Nice Pair.

Sample Traxxxx:
Baked Amorphous...
Outer Gateways - Dedicated to Michael Bertiaux

C. Reviver - Total Load Shed
T.O.P. 006
We are extremelly proud that Reviver is our first non Telecult related release on Temple of Pei. We met Chris at the Noise Axis fest in Lowell last summer and immediately thought he was fucking great. The guy is probably the hardest partying guy in noise, and the way he parties just oozes class. I close my eyes and listen to this tape and see oceans of electricity drowning anyone stupid enough to fuck it. What if Nicola Tesla smoked DMT and it opened up his third eye? This tape sounds like the visual conversation he would have with the machine elves. - Witchbeam

Sample Traxxxx:
Total Load Shed

D. Bob Bellerue & Telecult Powers - Baked in the Kitchen
Baked Tapes BT013 C30
"(Cleveland-via-)Brooklyn's Telecult Powers join forces with Portland transplant Bob Bellerue (Halfnormal, Redglaer) for an all out assault on the mind, body and soul, captured live, after hours @ Manhattan's aptly named Kitchen earlier this season with the PA set to 11. Anyone who's caught their recent live collaborations knows how hard this trio brings it." limited to 60 copies.

Telecult Powers - "Amazing Laws Of..."

Abandon Ship Records ASR 50 CDR
Sample Traxxx:
Ecstatic Mother

Abandon Ship is proud to announce it's 50th release! And with it comes the first non Temple of Pei Telecults album. It took some convincing via Vulcan mind-meld, but I couldn't feel more honored. So wipe the dust off of your ouija board, reshuffle your deck of tarot cards, and hem the stitches on your voodoo doll. Some real-deal mystical shit is about to go down. Keep a tight grip on your salvia pipe, for it may be your only companion on this dark voyage. Some local myths turned heroes in this mind-expanding duo. Trade in your distortion and delay for magickal boxes of pure analog spirit. Nobody has kept it realer than these guys.
Rotton Meats reviewed it here.
Chris Madak, aka as Bee Mask, top chief of Deception Island: Brooklyn-via-Cleveland duo Telecult Powers seem to have appeared, fully formed, on the edge of some massive revelation or other, ritually-oriented, twin-laser focused, and eschewing the obvious kit in favor of an appropriately hermetic emphasis on in-house elektronik lutherie.  For anyone harboring the vague suspicion that it's getting too fucking easy to be a synth band these days, here's a fine example of two seasoned heads taking the high road, deploying huge, unwieldy masses of sound over shuddering bass drops, all of it stunningly free of the de-rigeur contemporary delay pillowing.

On "The Amazing Laws of Telecult Powers," extra-confounding depth of field issues quickly emerge as Witchbeam and Mister Matthews lock into their particular skewed orbit, which has something of the unhinged forelornness of Nik Pascal Raicevic's work, only even more fucked and disturbing, because there's actually two people giggling at each other out on that ledge.  Side two successfully blows the doors off the sonic corpus deployed on earlier Telecults releases such as "Dedicated to Robert Moore" and "Twilight of the Oscillators" with its ultra-dry rasp swallowed in a moonlit ocean of EMS-style burbling, giving way in turn to a great creaking of rusty crypt hinges, simultaneously serene and distressing.

That's what's so disarming and affecting about these tracks, and so reminiscent of the storied golden age of anti-academic modsynth - "Amazing Laws" is so densely packed with genuinely confusing nooks/crannies that one could revisit it a thousand times without ever really getting a handle on it or parsing it successfully.  In short, it's necessary, rewarding, and fantastically heavy work.

Coming soon: Witchbeam Poster Comp 2, The Dark Barbarians.Featuring insane tracks from such diverse acts including Bee Mask, Fluxmonkey, Telecult Powers, Outer Space, Thursday Club’s Ryan, Sweaty Bullets, Bob Bellerue, Cleveland scumbag Skin Graft and a bunch of others. It should be a really fucked combination of noise, new age, home built electronic, etc.
Sneak super low res not in color preview